2018 Theme: Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Based on the theme of the conference authors/researchers/academicians are invited to submit research/review papers on the following topics (not limited to):

Artificial Neural Networks Grammatical inference Case-Based Reasoning Computational Models Of Human Learning
Analysis of different forms of data Decision Tree Discovery Of Scientific Laws Evolutionary computation
Adaptive data mining architectures Incremental induction and on-line learning Inductive logic programming Information retrieval and learning
Algorithms and techniques Knowledge acquisition and learning Knowledge base refinement Knowledge intensive learning
Background knowledge integration Machine learning of natural language Meta learning Multi-agent learning
Classification Reinforcement learning Revision and restructuring Statistical approaches
Vision and learning Database integration Inductive databases Data mining query languages
Foundations of data analysis Complexity issues Knowledge (pattern) representation Global vs. Local patterns
Logic for data mining Statistical inference and probabilistic modelling Dimensionality reduction Data reduction
Discretization Innovative applications Mining bio-medical data Web content, structure and usage mining
Semantic web mining Personalization Bayesian Networks Invisible data mining
Planning and learning Clustering Frequent patterns Rule discovery
Constraint-based mining Incremental algorithms Scalable algorithms Distributed and parallel algorithms
Evaluation metrics and methodologies Collaborative data mining Vertical data mining environments Cooperative Learning
Semi-structured and xml data mining Text mining Temporal, spatial, and spatio-temporal data mining Data stream mining
Pattern post-processing Quality assessment Visualization Multimedia miningpattern post-processing
Graph, tree, sequence mining Computational Learning Theory Statistical relational learning Instance based learning
Learning from text and web Multi-strategy learning Unsupervised learning Data analysis and databases
Data mining query optimization Data pre-processing Uncertain and missing information handling Mining governmental data, mining for the public administration
Kernel methods Statistical techniques and mixture models

Instructions To Authors

Papers must not have been previously published nor have been submitted to, or be in consideration for, any journal, book, or conference. The official language of the journal is English. Submissions should use clear, ordinary grammar and avoid the use of colloquialisms that might be difficult for those who speak English as a second language. Maximum number of pages are limited to 8 (eight) but can be considered up to 15 pages on unavoidable cases on payment of extra charges. Deadlines for submissions will be announced from time to time. But authors are free to submit their papers at any time. In this case if it is not suitable for the current issue, will be considered for the next issue.

Papers will be evaluated by the reviewers based on their originality, technical soundness and quality of presentation.

Authors of papers have to submit two copies of the paper: one in .doc/.docx format and another in .pdf format.

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts should be submitted as per order: Title Page, name of author (s), affiliation, e-mail ids, Abstract, Key words (at least five), Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements (if necessary) and References. If the Result and Discussion sections are combined, then a Conclusion section should be added.

Springer LaTeX Template Springer Word Template

Graphic, Figures, and Tables

Tables and Figures should be numbered consecutively throughout the paper, referring to them in the text as Table 1, Figure 3, etc. Results should not be presented in both tabular and graphical forms. The minimum of descriptive text should be used on figures with essential information relegated to the figure caption. Graph axes should have the variables labeled in full, with the abbreviation in parentheses. Scale grids should not be used in graphs unless necessary for actual measurements. Illustration or figure in vector graphic format should use the EPS file format. Otherwise, TIF, JPG, or PNG should be used. They must have a resolution of at least 300dpi.

Review Process

The submitted manuscripts will be sent for blind review to three reviewers. If the paper is suggested to accept by any two of the reviewers, then acceptance notification will be sent to the authors. Manuscripts with minor errors also can be accepted after revision. The whole process will take at least one month. The accepted papers will be published only after payment of the publication charge.

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